3202$4,900,000$1,0634/64609Apr 05, 2021A10889064
3504$2,150,000$1,0593/32031Mar 31, 2021A10862420
2604$2,100,000$1,0322/22035Mar 18, 2021A10998619
1902$1,800,000$8133/32214Mar 05, 2021A10792971
3303$1,600,000$7883/32031Feb 25, 2021A10944606
4003$3,495,000$7925/54415Feb 17, 2021A10926697
2111$680,000$9591/1709Feb 12, 2021A10988927
PH4801$4,940,000$9146/65402Feb 11, 2021A10828177
3201$2,750,000$1,0053/32736Jan 01, 2021A10880234
3401$2,200,000$8043/42736Oct 09, 2020A10923557
3802$5,150,000$1,1174/64609Oct 01, 2020A10910130
2603$2,100,000$1,0322/22035Sep 18, 2020A10858736
2606$2,025,000$7404/32736Sep 18, 2020A10831238
1905$1,700,000$7683/32214Aug 31, 2020A10553024
1802$1,772,500$8013/32214Aug 28, 2020A10790961
2501$2,200,000$04/40Jul 21, 2020A10052790
2306$2,125,000$7774/42736Mar 09, 2020A2077879
604$2,000,000$9832/22035Mar 03, 2020A10818405
1901$2,150,000$7863/40Dec 04, 2019A10268819
1901$2,150,000$7863/40Dec 04, 2019A10268819
4002$1,500,000$6783/32214Oct 18, 2019A10648856
3703$3,500,000$7935/54415Jun 20, 2019A10177091
1503$2,000,000$9832/22035May 01, 2019A10446622
4301$2,200,000$8043/40Mar 01, 2019A10595899
1605$1,825,000$8243/30Feb 27, 2019A10543163
2106$2,400,000$8774/42736Oct 30, 2018A2186181
3105$1,850,000$03/30Aug 28, 2018A10463104
3701$2,550,000$9323/40Jul 31, 2018A10268782
601$1,850,000$6734/43180Jul 20, 2018A10343754
1002$5,450,000$03/50Jul 06, 2018A10467613
2901$6,130,000$1,2644/55404Jun 05, 2018A10314924
2603$2,000,000$9832/22035May 15, 2018A10355517
3002$2,125,000$9603/32214May 01, 2018A10397513
4203$3,150,000$7134/54415Apr 27, 2018A10397683
PH45$17,000,000$04/60Feb 28, 2018A10408105
2001$2,650,000$9694/42736Jan 29, 2018A10241039
3906$2,500,000$03/40Jan 19, 2018A10353333
1101$2,350,000$8593/32736Jan 18, 2018A10367469

Acqualina is one of the most popular condominium complexes in South Florida, so it is no wonder that the units tend to sell very quickly when they come up for sale. Check out the information on the sold units on this page so you can get a better idea of what the units are actually selling for. This should give you a good idea of what you will be spending when you buy a unit. Keep in mind that the prices may not always reflect the prices for other homes currently on the market. You can see that there are many different sizes units in the building and the prices will vary substantially.

What is it that has helped to make these properties so popular? It's not just one thing. It's everything about Acqualina Residences. They are in a great location in the heart of Sunny Isles, so getting to Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and other areas is fast and easy. It's also the fact that the building has so many amenities that provide you with true luxury living, as well as the features in the units themselves. When the units are available for sale, people flock to them. Whether they are looking for a permanent home, a vacation home, or an investment property, they know it is a smart buy.

IIf you like the idea of living at Acqualina, there are still some great places available for sale. Make sure that you check out the units currently for sale to see what size properties are available. If you find something that interests you, it is a good idea to get in touch with use as soon as possible. As you can imagine, the homes at Acqualina are very popular and when they hit the market, they do tend to go quickly.

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