Acqualina Residences Floor Plans

What type of home are you looking to buy? When it comes to looking at floor plans, it is often a good idea to have an idea of not only how much you can afford, but what you really need from the property you purchase. The answer is different for everyone depending on the number of people who will be living in the unit at Acqualina Residences, for example. Fortunately, you will find five different floor plans available from which you can choose.

The Toscana units have an enclosed area of 2,750 square feet, as well as space on the terrace. The Milano units have an enclosed are of 2,185 square feet, not to mention the generous terrace space. Don Pietro is a bit smaller at 2,035 square feet. It also includes a nice terrace area. Cellini offers 2,030 square feet of enclosed space, as well as the terrace. The largest of the floor plans is Bella Capri, which offers a massive 5,095 square feet of enclosed space, as well as a huge terrace and a pool.

All of the units, from the largest to the smallest, offer fantastic features and amenities to provide a luxury living experience for residents. The inhabitants also get to enjoy all of the amenities that the building provides, such as the fitness center, onsite eateries, valet, concierge, and the spa.

Of course, given the different size and features of the floor plans at Acqualina Residences, the prices will vary greatly. If you are interested in living in this building, or even just renting a unit, take the time to explore the available options. Talk with us today to learn more about what is available and to schedule some time to visit the homes that are to be had. You are sure to find a floor plan that will work for you.

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