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6 Bedrooms for sale in Acqualina Residences condo
PH4801$5,900,000$06/7/10Aug 20, 2020A10828177
5 Bedrooms for sale in Acqualina Residences condo
4003$4,890,000$1,1085/6/14415Sep 15, 2020A10926697
3903$4,495,000$1,0185/6/14415Mar 10, 2020A10831240
4 Bedrooms for sale in Acqualina Residences condo
4203$3,980,000$9014/6/14415Sep 02, 2020A10920086
3006$2,300,000$8414/4/02736Oct 23, 2019A10760473
3 Bedrooms for sale in Acqualina Residences condo
2602$3,700,000$1,6713/3/02214Mar 17, 2020A10831844
3201$2,995,000$1,0953/3/02736Jun 29, 2020A10880234
3102$2,699,000$1,2193/3/02214Feb 01, 2017A10213952
3401$2,350,000$8593/4/02736Sep 14, 2020A10923557
1606$2,350,000$8593/4/02736Aug 20, 2020A10912134
3504$2,250,000$1,1033/3/02040May 26, 2020A10862420
3305$2,200,000$9943/3/02214Sep 01, 2020A10919212
3605$2,200,000$9943/3/02214Feb 19, 2018A10417992
2005$2,199,000$9933/3/02214Nov 04, 2019A10763987
1902$2,175,000$9823/3/02214Feb 27, 2020A10792971
1001$2,125,000$7773/4/02736Apr 03, 2020A10841937
3105$1,999,999$9033/3/02214Sep 03, 2018A10530588
3402$1,999,000$9033/3/02214Jun 23, 2020A10879702
4102$1,950,000$03/3/00Jun 23, 2020A10879717
802$1,895,000$8563/3/02214Sep 07, 2020A10919622
2305$1,835,000$8293/3/02214Dec 13, 2017A10386375
2802$1,790,000$8083/3/02214Sep 15, 2020A10927133
702$1,750,000$7903/3/02214Jun 18, 2020A10877825
2 Bedrooms for sale in Acqualina Residences condo
1404$2,379,000$1,1692/3/12035Sep 02, 2020A10919499
704$2,190,000$1,0762/3/12035Sep 29, 2020A10934022
1 Bedroom for sale in Acqualina Residences condo
2010$750,000$1,0361/1/0724Jul 20, 2020A10893328
1907$750,000$1,1561/1/0649Jul 20, 2020A10894256

How long have you been trying to find the perfect place to live in South Florida? Well, now that you've discovered Acqualina, your search just might be over. You can find many different types of units available from two bedrooms all the way up to five bedrooms. Whether you are looking for a place to retire, you want to move your entire family, or you are just looking for one of the most spectacular vacation homes in the country, Acqualina units have the features and the size, as well as the price, you've been looking for.

What makes this such a good place to buy a home? The amenities available in the building will provide you with everything that you could possibly want. It really is luxury living. It offers a private beach, a pool, an infinity pool, an onsite barbershop, eateries, a concierge, valet, and so much more. The units themselves are also beautiful. They feature high ceilings, granite countertops, European cabinetry, oversized terraces, solid-core wood doors, decorative window highlights, and some truly spectacular views. You will love coming home when you live here.

In addition, the building is in a great location. Residents will only be a short distance from everything in Miami - the beaches, the nightlife, shopping, work, and so much more.

If you are looking for a great place to call home that´s in a beautiful setting with all of the amenities you could ever want, Acqualina might be perfect for you. Take some time to look at all of the properties that are available in the tower and see if any of them fit your needs and your budget. If you would like to learn more about all of your options, make sure that you contact us. These units are extremely popular and chances are they will sell soon!

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