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5 Bedrooms for sale in Mansions At Acqualina condo
3701/2$13,900,000$1,5905/7/18740Oct 03, 2017A10347568
2701/02$9,300,000$1,0965/7/18488Aug 10, 2018A10413303
3401$6,500,000$1,4105/7/14609Sep 28, 2017A10262276
4 Bedrooms for sale in Mansions At Acqualina condo
PH43$16,950,000$04/7/10May 04, 2018A10462993
3901/2$14,900,000$1,7584/6/18476Mar 05, 2018A10428155
1402$7,490,000$1,6254/7/14609Mar 03, 2017A10228899
3802$6,500,000$1,4104/7/14609Sep 11, 2018A10534197
3 Bedrooms for sale in Mansions At Acqualina condo
602$8,000,000$1,7363/7/14609Sep 28, 2017A10271965
3001$8,000,000$1,7363/6/14609Dec 27, 2016A10197456
3002$8,000,000$1,7363/7/14609Dec 04, 2018A10577995
3202$7,900,000$1,7103/7/14620Dec 27, 2016A10005674
3101$7,450,000$1,6163/6/14609Sep 28, 2017A10308408
1702$7,199,999$1,5623/7/14609Jul 25, 2018A10508937
3201$7,050,000$1,5293/7/14610Jan 17, 2018A10401611
1601$6,999,000$1,5193/7/14609May 11, 2018A10461768
1901$6,990,000$1,5173/7/14609Oct 05, 2018A10542906
1101$6,380,000$1,3843/7/14609Jul 02, 2018A10489022
1401$6,300,000$1,3673/7/14609Oct 24, 2018A10558852
601$6,050,000$1,3133/7/14609Sep 25, 2018A10541954

If you have been on the hunt for a great place to live in Sunny Isles, it is time that you checked out what was available at the Mansions at Acqualina. The building has a number of floor plans of varying sizes, and finding something that works for your budget and your space requirements should be possible. However, the units available for sale vary as they come onto the market and are subsequently sold.

Why would you want to make your home at the Mansions at Acqualina? Take a moment to think about all of the features and amenities in the building. From the private cinema, the fitness center, and the sunset reflecting pool to the children's center and the dog park, it's perfect setting for anyone who wants the very best out of life. The grounds and the building are beautiful, and the units have some stunning features, not to mention great views. It is no wonder that the units sell so quickly when they come onto the market.

Do you see anything that strikes your fancy? Check out all of the currently available options to see the size, the price, and the features in the units. It's a beautiful building and the units are fantastic. However, if you don't see anything that fits your needs right now, check back soon, and be sure to look at some of the other luxury properties with which we deal.

Finding the perfect property on your own can be difficult, even after looking at the properties for sale on this page. It's time to get in touch with Lana Bell and the rest of the team. We can help you learn more about the building and the units, so you can find an ideal place to call your next home, whether you are buying for an investment or a permanent residence.

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